Cross a bridge between the material world and the spiritual world.
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Experience profound clarity, direction and progress on your spiritual path, while refreshing your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

A Spiritual Oasis in a
Desert of Materialism

High in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, at a place of dynamic silence, in a clearing surrounded by a forest of lodgepole pines and trembling aspens, there exists an oasis for your soul, where harmony, peace and balance flourish.

Ritam Spiritual Retreat is an oasis in the midst of the desert of materialism that everyday life in the world has become, where you will be welcomed and find rest and rejuvenation. Many arrive at Ritam, parched from their journey across that arid desert, seeking to quench their thirst for the meaning and purpose spirituality can provide.

Cocooned in the serenity and quiet of Ritam's natural surroundings, you will be able to focus on your spiritual practice, to the exclusion of all else.

Surrendering your worldly cares for a moment and being open to connect with the Divine to receive guidance about your path forward, you will find peace, along with solutions to the challenges you may face. You will leave Ritam refreshed and in possession of your unique plan for a new and better way of being in the world.


Escape the Chaos

At Ritam Spiritual Retreat, as you step into the clearing in the forest, the noise and chaos of today's world is left behind. You are entering a mystical sanctuary, a place of natural stillness, where your rejuvenation and transformation await and your spiritual practice can blossom and be raised to the next level.

Your next steps will become clear.

Allow yourself to retreat from the compression of life so many endure, and expand your understanding of the direction your spiritual path must now take. Through daily Vedic Yagam Poojas, silent group meditations, mastermind visioning and crystal bowl visualizations, you will surface, with clarity, your next needed steps.

A Divinely Inspired Destination

Welcome to Ritam Spiritual Retreat, a divinely inspired destination for those who already have their own spiritual practice yet seek further awakening on their journey.

"In the clearing, you can see the forest from the trees." 

Transformation awaits

Here, the Divine is acknowledged, welcomed and honoured. Ritam is a portal where the Divine surfaces and is present. We offer our Guests a unique experience to be in this divine presence, with opportunity for profound healing and renewal.

Our name comes from the Sanskrit expression, ritam bhara pragya, which describes a transitional state of awareness at the finest thinking level, the junction point or gap between the waking state and transcendental consciousness: ritam bhara pragya is the site of manifestation; the field of all possibilities. Ritam Spiritual Retreat is this physical manifestation of the junction point between the relative world and the spiritual realm; the clearing in the forest.

The Clearing in the Forest

A welcome pause along your journey

When our Guests arrive at Ritam Spiritual Retreat, they appreciate finding a place of refuge. Our Retreat provides a profound pause from the stress and toxicity of the external world. Here, you will drink from the spring of Nature, absorbing divine energies. Your time at Ritam will give you the opportunity to rest and become refreshed.

Experiencing, Learning and Knowing

Each day of the Retreat is filled with intentional activities, purposely created to enhance the spiritual understanding and learning of our Guests. By experiencing our Retreat program at 'the clearing in the forest', you will surface answers to your questions, solutions for your issues and a new way of being. Your experiences at Ritam will elevate your spiritual practice to the next level.

Our intention for each of our Guests is they will create a way to confidently move forward on their own unique spiritual path. During your time at Ritam, much will be revealed to you. You will have the opportunity to engage with each customized activity to fully absorb and integrate its value into your being. Your way forward will open to you.

Ancient spiritual practices

We will begin each day of the Retreat with a Yagam Pooja, a Vedic fire ceremony, performed through the offering of ghee (clarified butter), flowers, herbs and other natural elements to the sacred fire. The purpose of Yagam Pooja is to connect the poojari (one who performs poojas) with the Divine through the medium of fire. Our devotional offerings into the Yagam Pooja fire are a powerful way to neutralize our negativity, remove obstacles, and align with our most cherished desires in life. The Yagam Pooja will be followed by a silent meditation; then the offering of Aarthi (ghee lamp ceremony); and finally, the celebration of drinking Theertham (holy water) from a kalasam (sacred vessel).

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Retreat ceremonies and other activities and absorb each of them fully throughout the five days you are with us. Your way forward will become clear to you.


A gift for yourself

Life can be frenetic, filled with doing rather than being. It can be challenging to find the time you need to focus on your spiritual practice. If you've been struggling to achieve forward motion on your path, Ritam Spiritual Retreat is a sanctuary where you can pause, reflect and then reset your course to your next level of progress.

Expanding your capacity

The expanded consciousness you will experience from your participation in the Yagam Poojas will give you greater capacity to see your way forward on your spiritual path. The dynamic silence of the Divine Site supports the transformative breakthroughs and progress you will experience during the Retreat.


Yagam Pooja

The Alchemy of Pooja


Access Transcendental Consciousness


Achieve Greater Control

Sound Therapy

Sound is Energy


Take in the forest atmosphere

Mastermind Visioning 

See your way forward

Crystal Bowl Visualization

Capture your Vision


What You Will Find

At Ritam Spiritual Retreat, the facilities include a modern, spacious Main Lodge. As you walk into the Lodge's welcoming front entry, a grounding energy envelopes you. The Lodge's living spaces bring nature and light inside through expansive windows. The feeling is one of serenity, harmony and openness, inviting you to refresh and reset.

The Retreat's Yagam Poojas and Group Meditations are held in an authentic and architecturally magnificent space. This sacred room has been spiritually activated by Vedic priests who visited Ritam from India in December, 2018, with the blessings and guidance of Sri Sakthi Amma.  The resulting effect from their visit has been an elevation of the richness of experience when one is in the room, and an increase in the beneficial effect on the surrounding environment from the performance of Yagam Poojas and Group Meditations in the room.

Each afternoon's Mastermind Visioning will take place in a room specially designed to enhance your creativity and elicit transformative breakthroughs.

Thoughtful and purposeful design have gone into the construction of all aspects of the facilities and grounds of Ritam Spiritual Retreat, to foster the intention of each space and to ease your transformation.

By leaving the world behind for the duration of several days, and opening yourself to the dynamic silence of nature at Ritam, you will receive a gift, one that can have a profound and positive impact on your life.

A Spiritual Oasis

As you enjoy the grounds, walking along the black shale paths which connect all elements of the Retreat, you will find yourself enveloped by a magical forest.

Your wanderings will bring you to a Rustic Red Shack, a place for contemplation and for those who seek solitude to write, paint and reflect.

Next to the Red Shack, the energy of an ancient Hugging Tree will ground you, providing wisdom. Throughout the grounds, there are many spots to stop and take in the natural beauty, silence and peacefulness of this divine site.


As comfortable and welcoming as your own home, with a country-chic atmosphere, deep in a forest surrounded by nature, and perched on a shale cliff overlooking a spectacular mountain river gorge, stands The Crossing at Ghost River.

We have partnered with The Crossing to provide for your accommodation.

Each morning and afternoon as we begin and end our daily program, you are awarded a breathtaking drive through an expansive valley surrounded by high rolling foothills and a lush green forest. Between Ritam and The Crossing, the shuttle service provides many monumental views of the Rocky Mountains. For more info on The Crossing, visit their website at


What You Can Look Forward To

Fresh, carefully chosen, quality ingredients are critical for our overall well being and high energy levels. The Crossing at Ghost River will provide nourishment for our Guests while they are with us. You will enjoy the cuisine offered by The Crossing’s highly skilled chefs and culinary team.

The Crossing's Culinary Offerings

Each day you will awaken at The Crossing and be served a nourishing and wholesome breakfast in the beauty of its natural setting. Lunch, also prepared by The Crossing, will be provided in Ritam's Main Lodge dining room, facing a large wall of windows overlooking a wide valley. At the end of each day, returning from the Retreat, a gourmet dinner awaits you in the solitude of The Crossing's forest.

Meals Made With Consciousness

We believe that having a healthy diet enhances the body's ability to accommodate higher frequencies. To optimize your spiritual journey, we have specifically instructed The Crossing's chefs to create a unique menu, following Satvic principles, to elevate your vibrational frequencies.

Can't eat this or that? No problem. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten or dairy free – we're happy to adapt the menu to meet any of your dietary needs.

Retreat Packages

Ganesha Package

  • Transit from Calgary International Airport to The Crossing at Ghost River and back
  • 6 nights at The Crossing at Ghost River
  • Single Room Occupancy
  • 5 days of Retreat programming 
  • Ritam Welcome Package
  • Retreat Attire

Only a $500 deposit is initially required.

Total: $4800

Saraswati Package

  • Transit from Calgary International Airport to Ritam Spiritual Retreat and back
  • 6 nights at Ritam Spiritual Retreat
  • Occupancy in 'The Rustic Red Shack'
  • 5 days of solitude
  • Morning Poojas
  • Afternoon Group Meditations
  • Ritam Welcome Package
  • Retreat Attire

Only a $500 deposit is initially required.

Total: $4400
Note: All Prices are in CAD. Only the deposit fee is required initially and the remaining balance will be collected 3 months prior to the start of the retreat.
We will share profound spiritual experiences, collaboratively wonder about our futures, and together we will create solutions for new ways of being.


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